What is deodorant and why you need it

The deodorant is a cosmetic that is used to hide and eliminate odor. Many people confuse deodorant with antiperspirant. If the first just hides the smell of sweat with a pleasant aroma, the second "blocks" the activity of the sweat glands, eliminating the problem at its root – the release of sweat, which leads to a characteristic is not particularly pleasant smell.

However, modern men's deodorant often combines the properties of these two cosmetic products. Thus, antiperspirant deodorant, and simultaneously masks the smell of sweat and prevents the increase in the number of bacteria whose vitality on the skin promotes the appearance that smell.

Types of men's deodorant

Today, the number of manufacturers of modern deodorants for men more than a few dozen, and the number of its proprietary brands such products – a few hundred. All men's deodorants can be divided into several basic categories, depending on the concentration, form and method of use of these cosmetic products. The main types of deodorants for men include:
- deodorants;
- solid deodorants.

Very popular are the men's deodorant spray. Use of aerosols is much easier than, for example, roll-on deodorants. In addition, with proper storage and operation shelf life deodorants sprays more, they do not spoil or dry out. The biggest advantage of such deodorants is that when applied to the skin they are quickly absorbed without leaving stains on clothes.
The only drawback of the deodorant-sprays – quite a sharp, sometimes unpleasant smell, which becomes especially intense at the time of use.

The most widely used among the representatives of the stronger sex are considered roll-on deodorants. It is this kind of the most effectively prevents sweating and bacterial growth. However, such a deodorant has one important drawback: when applied to the skin it is quite a long time absorbed and dries, and therefore it is not very convenient.

Solid (dry) deodorants most convenient to use. In addition, they are very effective. It is this kind of men's deodorant is best to prevent sweating and, due to the pleasant and mild aroma, effectively eliminate the smell.
Despite all these advantages, dry deodorants there is a drawback, after using them on clothes, leaves the characteristic white stains and spots.

To buy a good men's deodorant before you visit the store is to look at the ratings of these cosmetic products. Usually, you can find them in all popular magazines regarding cosmetic or grooming. In addition, you can find this information using the Internet.

The most popular for today men's deodorants are:
- Gillette Sensitive Phantom;
- 3-D secure Energozone from the firm Fa;
- Nivea Men;
- Clinique Skin Supplies.