About the creators and actors for the future film

Victorious after the cinemas around the world, the fourth part of "Pirates" almost failed in the States! Known fact that Hollywood studios primarily oriented to home fees. The Disney Studio is no exception. The leadership of the Studio it became clear – something needs to change.

Without brilliantly created the image of Jack Sparrow, the film loses any attraction, so johnny Depp will continue to star in the film, which will be called "pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales". Change of the Director and the writer, and not everything is clear with the actors who will play other characters.

Is the Director of the previous part, Pirates Rob Marshall, the Disney Studio offered to shoot a new part of your favorite Tim Burton. If he abandons this project, the Studio in stock a number of star Directors – Shawn levy, Sam Raimi, Chris Weitz and Alfonso cuarón.
The choice is wide, it makes the next film is unpredictable, which is very nice.

With the choice of the screenwriter, things are much easier – it is already there, as, however, and finished the script of the film. Jeff Nathanson, known for his screenplay for "the terminal", the prescribed storyline for future "Pirates", Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, and a group of young writers have created the dialogue of the characters the pirate Saga. It is certain that in the fifth part of "Pirates" will star johnny Depp, Geoffrey rush and Bomber Hurley-Smith.
Rumors told that in the future the tape will play Christoph waltz, Rebecca Hall, Jack Davenport, Keith Richards, Kevin McNally. But this is just a rumor.

The storyline of the fifth part of "Pirates"

Of course, the script for "pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales" kept very secret behind seven seals, but it became known to some of the storyline for the new film. A new passion of Jack Sparrow – a girl, absorbed by science, are accused of witchcraft. The same suspicion falls on Jack.

The Ghost of a British soldier wandering in our world and thirsting for revenge, meets with captain Barbossa. They conclude the Union is, incidentally, the storyline. The main enemy of Jack's – captain Brand, will take revenge on him for his brother's death.

In the end, in the legendary Bermuda triangle will meet all the main characters of the picture. And all this against the backdrop of the most picturesque corners of our planet, with a cascade of dizzying stunts, brilliant game of actors, in fact, in the best traditions of Hollywood.