The pros and cons of slate

The main advantage of slate – low price. Only two or three hundred rubles per square meter you need to spend to cover the roof of this asbestos material, which is mined throughout Russia. In addition, slate is easy to close the roof – it stands up well to the weight of the person, so during installation you can walk on the ceiling. Slate is very durable, does not suffer from corrosion and are resistant to fire, for the Russian dense development is important. This material is not heated by the sun, so even in the hot summer the house is cool. Slate has electrical and sound insulating properties, in rain or hail does not create noise, like metal roofing.

But the slate roof has its drawbacks. First, slate is fragile, so it needs to be carefully handled and stowed. Second, he quickly overgrown with moss, so before installation, the sheets must be processed with special composition or primer. Also, it is believed that asbestos has carcinogenic properties – this statement is not yet proven, but in most European countries, this roof covering is prohibited, that says a lot about its security.
Also slate is hardly a beautiful finish, even despite the fact that modern asbestos sheets began to cover with paint.


The roof of metal (roofing material from metal sheets covered with a layer of polymer) – is a bit more expensive slate, but this difference in cost is negligible, especially when you consider the advantages of metal. Compared to other modern coatings is very economical material and durability it not only compares with slate leaves, but is superior to many other roofing – lifetime metal is equal to fifty years.

Metal is lightweight, so its easy to transport and install, and the pressure on the walls of the building are negligible, so the roof is the perfect solution for homes with low-depth or not very solid Foundation. Metal is able to maintain its properties in any climate, in any weather conditions.
It can withstand the mechanical impact, UV rays, hail.

But the main advantage of metal roofing in front of the slate – high aesthetic quality. Metal helps to realize almost any architectural idea with a variety of colors and textures.

But if you a very important insulating qualities of the roof, it is better to prefer cut slate, as the sounds of rain and hail on the metal will be heard well. It is also desirable to use metal for roofs of complex structures, this will lead to waste of material and high cost of operation.