You will need
  • Software uTorrent.
To create magnet links in the first place, you need to install a program uTorrent. It can be downloaded at the following link by clicking the "Download" button.
Run the program by clicking on the icon with the image of the letter U in the green circle. In the opened window click the button with the picture of a dark magic wand.
In the window "Create new torrent" click the "Add folder" or "Add file", depending on the type of information you want to share. In the opened window select the file or folder, marking them with the left mouse button, then click "OK".
Go to block "Other", check the box next to "Start sharing" and click "Create and save as". On a program question "do You want prodoljalas reference to the tracker?" reply positively by pressing the Yes button. In the new window, specify the folder to save the current torrent file, it is recommended to place it close to the current folder of the distribution.
Next, the program will ask about the folder you specify, that the latter is on the hard disk, answer Yes by selecting a long string, beginning with the word "Yes", then click "OK".
Creating a torrent is completed. Now ready distribution, it is possible to remove magnetlink. To do this, return to the main program window and click the right mouse button on the line of distribution. In the context menu select "Copy magnet URI".
Go to a forum or social networking site to share the link. Press Shift + Insert or Ctrl + V. the Pasted link will have the format: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:43SAZHS6WGHFFIWH5RMK4DZTG6SA4DGVZQ.
It should be noted that for connection to the distribution of your friends do not necessarily use only this link, alternatively you can send friends a torrent file via e-mail.