Advice 1: How to easily place two Windows on the desktop?

Often need to see two Windows on screen at once. For example, when editing two document Word. Or in a single window - Skype and the other with Yandex Maps to the meeting place to negotiate. Drive mouse Windows on the screen for too long, there is an easier way.
How to easily place two Windows on the desktop?
You will need
  • A PC running Windows
Launching a first application such as Skype. Press the keys Win+left arrow. Win located between Ctrl and Alt. The Skype window will be pressed to the left.
Launching the second application, such as the Yandex Browser. Press the keys Win+right arrow. Window Yandex Browser is pressed to the right.
All! Two Windows located on one screen. No peretekanie and changes the window size with the mouse. And no one comes over!
The same way you can place Windows two Internet pages. To make a separate window for each page, just drag the tab to your desktop. The browser will create a separate window under it.
Useful advice
Try other combinations with Win key and arrow keys to control the cursor. Win+up Arrow expands the window full screen, and Win+down Arrow will roll.

Advice 2 : How to make cascade Windows

In the Windows operating system provides the ability to customize various elements so that the user can work comfortably. Design of folders, quick access to the typical tasks, the way the Windows in a cascadefrom top to bottom or left to right, you can specify the options you want.
How to make cascade Windows
When you click the folder icon, it opens in a new window. To customize its appearance, select the menu "Tools", select "folder options". You can also use an alternate method: go to "start" select "control Panel". Click the "folder options" left click in the category "appearance and themes". This will open a new dialog box.
On the General tab, you can specify how many mouse clicks to use to open files and folders whether the subfolders contained in the folders to open in the same window or in new Windows. Can customize the display in the folder list, common tasks. On the View tab you can also choose the option that you need options. Highlight with a marker the appropriate fields, after the configuration, click "Apply".
If at the same time open several folders or running multiple application Windows can overlap, and can be placed orderly on the screen. The method of display depends on the selected settings. To arrange Windows in a cascade, click on any free place icons on the taskbar (bar with the "start" button located at the bottom of the screen).
In the context menu click with the left mouse button on the item "Window cascade". All open Windows will be arranged in accordance with the specified parameter. If folders or programs were deployed on the entire screen, they will be rolled into the window. Can also change their size. All of the commands that you specify will be applied to the active window (the one which is on top of other Windows). If you want to go to one of the lower Windows, just click anywhere in the left mouse button.
To ask another way to position Windows on the screen, also click on the taskbar and select in the drop down menu one of the options "Window from the top down or the window on the left to the right." Open Windows will disappear in a cascade and is on screen new location.
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