The launch is iTunes whenever you connect Apple devices to the computer. This option was created by Apple to greater ease of use of their products. However, this feature often interferes with the normal work with computer. To disable automatic appearance of the program window, you'll need to launch iTunes using the shortcut on the desktop or the start menu. To start you can also connect your device via USB cable.
In the upper right corner of the interface click on the icon of your device. Go to the tab "Browse", and then scroll the displayed list down information with the help of scrollbar in the right part of the window. In the section "Settings" remove the tick from "Open iTunes when iPhone connected". After that you can close the application window, and the next time the program will remain disabled after you connect the camera to a computer via a cable.
To disable iTunes when system startup, set the software to work with section of Windows startup. The most functional among the utilities of this plan worth noting is CCleaner, which will allow you to edit the desired option using the corresponding function. Download the program from the official developer website, and then follow its installation by using the received installer package.
To run the program, click on the created desktop shortcut, then go to the tab "Tools" located in the left part of the window. In the list that appears, select "startup" and look for the line that starts iTunes. Right click on this item and select "Disable".
After the operation restart the computer. After complete loading of the system will not run iTunes and start manually click on the desktop shortcut or the start menu - "All programs". Disable iTunes complete.