The placement of the tabs Google Chrome

All your Google Chrome bookmarks located in the user directory of Windows system. In Windows 7 and 8, this folder is located at "start" - "Computer" - "Local disk C:" - Users - "your user Name". After this, you will need to change to the folder AppData – Local – Google – Chrome – User Data – Default. In this section are kept the documents, which contain all the files that contain the settings tabs.

In Windows XP this directory is presented in a different folder, accessible, open "My computer" - "Local disk C:" Documents and Settings "username" Local Settings – Application Data – Google – Chrome – User Data – Default.

If you can not see these directories, then their display is turned off in your system. To access the bookmark file you need to enable showing hidden folders in the system settings. To do this, open any folder in Windows and click on the "tools" menu from the top pane of the window "Conductor". In the context menu call up the "folder Options" ("folder options" in Windows XP). Go to the tab "View" and go down to the bottom of the settings list, where you can find the option "Show hidden files". After that, click "OK" to apply the settings.
The file that stores the settings of your browser bookmarks called Bookmark.

Edit the bookmarks manually

The Bookmark file can be opened for quick editing by using the utility "Notepad", included in the list of standard programs of the system. To use the program, double click on the file and in the list select the appropriate option.
You may want to save the Bookmarks file to any removable media, in order not to lose access to old bookmarks when you reinstall or uninstallation of the browser.

In the window you will see the configuration file of bookmarks with a list of necessary data that can be changed. The file is divided into sections with various names. After the division of the roots: lists all folders and links stored in the browser. Then in quotes is the name of the directory where the bookmark is stored. For example, bookmark_bar responsible for bookmarks stored in the bookmarks bar.

In the line id represented by the ID of the bookmark that should not be set. The name parameter contains the name of the file that can be changed. So, you can modify "name": "google chrome" "name" : "Google chrome". The type parameter can have the values of url or folder that corresponds to the bookmark and subfolder respectively. Line is responsible for the url address of the bookmark, which can also be changed. For example, "url": "".
It is not necessary to remove the braces, which are in the file because you can damage the bookmark list.

Edit the necessary lines in the file, and then save the changes with the command "File" - "Save". After that, start the browser on the system and check your changes by navigating to the main menu "Bookmarks". How to manually edit the file completed.