You will need
  • Computer
  • The program is task Manager
Big load on the CPU is when you start the computer, boot the desktop. Therefore, the appearance of the desktop, you notice how slow the app includes antivirus, gadgets, may, browser, and local programs. All depends on the individual user, and what programs he uses. To resolve this problem, it is necessary to know the configuration of CPU and RAM. This can be done by clicking with the right mouse button on "My computer" and selecting Properties. After all, if the CPU is weak, and he's got 512 megs of RAM, it is not surprising hovering and braking. So you should refer to the autoloader of the application that is responsible for loading certain programs at the time of switching of the system. If you do not use Alcohol, it makes no sense in its startup. Click start - Run – msconfig, a dialog window where you can select the startup tab. We see marked items that are loaded with the system. You can see the name of the program and their path, so remove the check mark from those services that are not needed, click OK.
How to reduce the load on the CPU
The next point is to load applications or games that cause CPU usage. Again, you need to pay attention to hardware configuration, there was such a thing before. Check your computer for viruses. When you start the game turn off the applications that require a lot of resources. They may be browsers, chat, players. As a possible, but radical method of solution may be reinstall the system. You can also disassemble the system unit and see not accumulated any dust. Sometimes the load on the CPU can be caused by poor heat transfer in connection with the clogging of the cooler or parts of the CPU (heatsink). Try changing the thermal paste on the processor. If nothing helps, then try to change processors to take friends and watch the behavior of the system, and if that's the case, then buy a more powerful processor.
CPU usage in task Manager