Sorting seeds

Check the seeds for germination begins with the sorting, which, if you follow the traditional method, carried out in the liquid. Large seeds (melons, cucumbers, beets, pumpkin) should be selected in clean water. And when you sort of seeds of radish, tomato, carrot, cabbage should be used 3-5% solution of table salt or ammoniac saltpeter.

Pour the seeds into the liquid in small portions and stir thoroughly, but do not stir. Soak them in the solution for 10 or 15 minutes. Then remove the floated seeds. Settled instances, strain through a cloth or sieve, rinse in water and dry, put a thin layer on a sheet of paper.
Typically, the testing of seeds is conducted for a month before planting. But if seeds are stored in a cool dry place, can be started at any time.

The germination of seeds

For germination it is necessary to take felt, paper, cloth or gauze and put on the bottom of the dish. Material laid on top of pre-moistened seeds: up to 20 large, 50 medium and at least 100 small seeds. Top seeds cover the same material laid on the bottom, moisten with water and carry out aging for several days at room temperature.

You can also plant the seeds of "roll method". To check the germination rate with this method, take a square sheet of filter paper or school notebook, soak it by submerging in water for a few seconds. Spread the sheet on the table and spread onto the entire surface of the seeds. Roll the paper into a roll, which is then place in a bowl of water. Seeds should be above the water level, and the capacity to stand in a dark place.

To determine the germination of cabbage, radish, cucumbers should be on the fourth day after laying, onions, sorrel, spinach, beet – on the fifth day, carrots and dill – the sixth, seventh tomatoes, parsley and celery – on the eighth day.
Before planting seeds it is helpful to warm up in the sun or a light bulb for several hours. It helps to improve the movement of juices and nutrients to the shoots.

Germination in sand

Large pumpkin seeds, peas, corn, beans sprout best in a washed, dried and well sifted sand, which must be evenly and constantly moist. Put them to a depth of 2-3 cm.

Calculation of germination

To calculate seed germination the number of seedlings should be counted per 100 sown specimens. If germination does not exceed 50%, to sowing is necessary in 2-3 times denser. If germination below 10% to plant seeds is impractical.