Edit animated images can be produced in Adobe Photoshop. Before using it you must also put a plug in for QuickTime from Apple. Only with this codec you will be able to perform the operation of image editing in this program.
Open Photoshop and select File – Import – Video Frames To Layers. In the dialog that appears specify the type of QuickTime Movie. In the search string file file Name enter the query *.* or.gif. Now, among the resulting options, select your image you want to edit. In the menu that appears tick the points From Beginning To End and Make Animation Frames.
Each frame in the menu will correspond to a specific layer animation. Single gif file composed of several layers. When choosing a particular frame is activated, the corresponding layer. Now, you can perform graphics conversion image. You can change the size and crop your animation using the Image – Image Size, and Image – Crop, respectively.
To change the animation speed images, select the first frame in the window slides. After that hold Shift and click on last frame. Then click on the down arrow icon about any frame and select the desired frequency and speed.
To delete a frame click on it, hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys on the keyboard. Highlight the desired consistency, transfer these frames to the trash icon editor window, hold down the left mouse button.
To save obtained result, you can choose menu File – Save for Web Devices. In the opened section, specify the desired color, select the appropriate optimization settings. After making the transaction, click Save and specify the name of the resulting file. Change gif completed.
Works for the basic editing functions you can also use editors such as Image Constructor, Easy GIF Animator, CoffeeCup Gif Animator, etc. these tools have small functionality and can be used for the works of the most simple operations on gif. Install any of these programs and open it in the system. Then, specify the path to the edited gif file and perform the configuration actions using the tools of the program.