Visit animals.

The Chelyabinsk zoo is located in the Central part of the city. He is always delighted to welcome adults and children. And, although the scale can not compete with Moscow or Yekaterinburg, however, there is something to see. Snow leopard, polar bear, Amur tigers, chimpanzees and other rare animals are waiting for visitors to visit. Among other things the zoo of Cheljabinsk contact a children's town where kids can not only see the animals and feed and play with any younger brothers. You can also roll the child on the horse, send him to the Playground or in the cafeteria.
Relax with children culturally.

The city has several theatres with children's productions. At the Chelyabinsk youth theatre for kids put on plays about the Cat Leopold, Bremen's musicians, Buratino. Includes performances for school program for older children – "heart of a Dog", "the divine Comedy", "Thunderstorm". The Opera and ballet theatre you can watch with the kids musical "Cinderella", the ballet "Snow white and the seven dwarfs". Older children will surely enjoy the Opera "Eugene Onegin" or "the snow maiden". In the theater "Mannequin", located on the Pushkin street there are also performances for children.
Have fun at the holiday Park.

In the Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Gagarin, you'll be able to pleasantly pass the day with their children. There are a variety of rides – Ferris wheel, roller coaster. With young children you can head to the town of Gulliver, where the trampolines, boats and pedal cars. In the cold season in the Park you can skate on the ice rink and in summer you can rent a Bicycle or rollers. On the territory of the Park named after Gagarin is the route of the children's railway.