Advice 1: How to drink green tea to lose weight

About the beneficial properties of green tea said a lot. You know, this drink is not only invigorates and strengthens the immune system but also helps to get rid of excess weight. If you need to flush toxins from the body and to get rid of excess fluid, and in this case green tea will come to you for help.
Green tea for weight loss
You will need
  • Green tea, hot water, good teapot, mug.
The use of green tea for weight loss has several features. First of all, remember that for therapeutic purposes, not suitable cheap tea bags. This drink has all the benefits of green tea and, therefore, result from its use will be negligible or even zero. So, for weight loss you need to purchase a good green leaf tea.
You need to remember about the psychological aspects of the human body. Just need to green tea you liked. If you will be subconsciously reject the drink, and the special effects are not give it to you. Now there are many varieties of green tea. Surely you will be able to choose one that will satisfy your taste preferences. It should be noted that the best option for weight loss may be green tea with lemon. Long been known that the acid contained in citrus fruits, promotes the burning of fat in the body.
After you have acquired your brew, which you like most. Now you can start cooking tea. Remember that green tea should not be brewed with boiling water, you can only use hot water, that is, after boiling, it will take several minutes. To prepare the drink it is better to use a ceramic teapot. It is believed that this material allows the tea to infuse better. When preparing green tea, you can add a pinch of ginger. It will give your drink for weight loss unique taste and aroma.
Green tea you should drink daily. Do not expect quick results. The acceleration of exchange processes can take several months. Note that if you are suffering from high blood pressure or any other diseases, before using green tea for weight loss, it is better to consult a specialist.
Green tea has an invigorating effect, so it is better to temporarily give up coffee
Useful advice
Drink green tea regularly it will allow you to improve metabolism and reduce appetite.

Advice 2 : How to brew and drink green tea

Green tea have many benefits. Due to the contained kahetinov it reduces body fat and controls the body weight. Theanine in it helps to strengthen the immune system and positively affects the nervous and mental activity. Antioxidants prevent aging and adverse environmental effects. But all the positive properties characteristic only for the correctly brewed tea, drunk at certain times and in limited doses.

How to brew and drink green tea
You will need
  • - filtered or bottled water:
  • the teapot or the strainer;
  • - leaf green tea.
To brew green tea, prepare filtered or bottled water. Water from the tap contains chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals that affect the taste of the drink not for the better. Heat water to 80-83о With if it boils, let it cool down. Green tea never brewed with boiling water, as it acquires a bitter taste and loses much of useful properties.
Take the loose tea. Bags made of powdered leaves which quickly lose flavor and freshness, in addition to its production, mostly use the lower leaves of the tea Bush containing far less nutrients.
One Cup of green tea (150-200 ml) you need to take one teaspoon of tea leaves ( 5 g). If you brew tea in the teapot, put into it many tablespoons, how many cups are you going to spill with the first welding. Drop the leaves into hot water and steep for no more than 2.5 minutes. If you brewed tea through a strainer, take it out of the Cup if I insist in a kettle, then pour the whole drink cups. You can brew the same leaves 2-3 times. Each time the beverage will be all the less caffeine. The tea, which is brewed for a very long time, not too bitter, it is also dangerous, as it can cause palpitations and an upset stomach.
In green tea do not add sugar because by itself it has a slightly sweet taste. If you want even sweeter, put it in the drink a little honey. Also green tea drink with lemon, brewed with mint and ginger, add to the welding of Jasmine, rose buds, lemongrass, berries, and more. Good expensive green tea usually does not require additional aromatic and flavor additives, so as he is a Symphony of smells and flavors.
Drink green tea an hour before or an hour after a meal, especially if you have iron deficiency anemia or your body needs calcium. The fact that some substances in green tea inhibit the absorption of these substances.
If you are taking some supplements and medication prescribed by your doctor, ask if you can drink green tea, because some substance in it is able to come into connection with substances in medicines and Supplements.
Drink green tea warm. Very hot beverages at all, according to a recent study, contribute to the development of various diseases of the throat and stomach, and green tea is no exception. But do not drink too cold tea, as over time due to oxidation decreases the amount of catechins and theanine, and vitamins C and B.
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