Chinese Puer tea

Puer tea is produced using the same technology as the regular tea, with one exception – prepared raw material is dried and pressed. Next, give the tea to be maintained at certain temperatures for several years and even decades. The more exposure, the darker color has a ready-made drink, and more distinct taste. The more properties. It appreciated for many tea consumers all over the world.

Due to the technology of preparation of tea takes on a slightly earthy smell. But this tea is the smell can be very different from the taste. The taste of this tea, PU-erh from the common differs in that resembles a tea with an earthy taste. But some varieties have excellent taste. Accordingly, they are more expensive.

People have appreciated and loved this tea for its amazing properties:

  • Refreshing daily drink. Great tones, better than coffee.
  • Cleanses the body of toxins.
  • Reduces appetite.
  • If you need a long time to sleep, it is a great substitute for energy drinks.

Therefore, the tea should be consumed throughout the day with caution and not drink it after 18 hours. Otherwise, sleepless night is guaranteed.

Tea is, as usual, and with the addition of herbs and Reishi mushroom. They are all designed in order to tidy a person's thoughts and raise his vitality. The more exposure the tea, the stronger it acts according to its properties. So the tea more than twenty years of exposure to use after 15 hours is not recommended. Ripe Puer, seven to ten years of aging, has mild properties, but it still works. But aged up to three years, practically no different from usual tea.

In order to lose weight, tea you need to learn how to brew and drink. To brew tea, you need to nip off to pressed tea piece of pancake, put it in the kettle and pour boiled water from 87 to 90 degrees for a minute. Drain all the water from the welding and again pour boiled water at the same temperature.

Drinking PU-erh better, 30 minutes before a meal. It reduces appetite and will eat a portion smaller than usual. In case of any feelings of hunger for three hours after a meal you can drink a Cup of tea. The hunger will disappear by itself. Thus reducing the amount of food consumed, allowing you to lose weight, not straining.