Advice 1: Can I drink slimming tea

Many women who want to quickly lose weight instead of following the principles of proper nutrition and sports resort to the help of numerous teas for weight loss. Is it possible to drink them in principle if they have the expected effect and will not bring any harm?
Can I drink slimming tea
Unfortunately, when drinking tea for weight loss and nothing else to do to burn a lot of fat will not work. The maximum that can be achieved – mild cleansing of the body. Due to this, and also because of diuretic and laxative effect tea weight decline slightly, but only slightly.
However, this does not mean that this tea is to drink constantly. The fact that it can lead to health problems: fluid loss and sometimes dehydration, and together with slag washed of essential body substances, such as potassium. His loss will be felt weakness and pain in the kidneys. Another unpleasant side effect of long use of this drink is addictive to him. Eventually the body will wean themselves excrete waste products of the body.
But this does not mean that drinking tea for weight loss is strictly not necessary. You just have to follow a few rules. Most importantly – buy only quality teas, natural, no flavorings and colorings, which include herbs. To protect yourself from buying fakes, you should go for such beverages in the pharmacy. Second, take tea, strictly following the instructions on the package, never exceed the recommended dose. And finally, avoid using products that promise to rid you not only of superfluous kgs, but also from all sorts of diseases.
In addition, before purchase be sure to pay attention to the composition of tea for weight loss. If you suspect that at least one of the components of the drink can cause you to have allergic reaction, it is better to err and to choose another tea. Benefit of pharmacies are now a lot of similar goods produced in different countries. Tea for weight loss can be identified independently from several suitable herbs for many popular recipes. Then you will be confident in its naturalness.
However, the best option is to drink regular green tea. It activates the metabolic processes in the body and helps to drop those extra pounds. Especially good results are obtained Oolong tea, its leaves a lot of polyphenol, a substance that promotes the breakdown of fat.

Advice 2 : How to drink hellebore for weight loss

For weight loss used hellebore Caucasian, which helps to improve metabolism, withdraw toxins from the body and normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, relieve swelling and restore the vitality of the body due to stimulation of cardiac activity due to the content of glycosides. Acts hellebore slowly and allows you not to lose skin from dramatic weight changes. But since the grass are poisonous substances, it should take a certain pattern and in any case not to exceed from a desire to achieve quick results.
How to drink hellebore for weight loss
You will need
  • - a glass;
  • - boiled cold water or boiling water;
  • - a kitchen knife or a measuring spoon of herbal;
  • - raw materials for weight loss or drops.
In the application of helleboreand need to limit consumption of fatty, fried and sugary foods. To comply with a certain diet. The diet should be balanced and varied. After the direct administration of the drug is possible only after 4-5 hours.
To prepare hellebore in two ways. The first is to fill in the grass taken at the tip of a knife 50-70 ml of boiled water in the morning to drink. The second method is to pour raw taken at the tip of the knife 50 ml of boiling water, infuse 20 minutes, drink on an empty stomach.
Every 10 days the dose can be increased two times, while the increase will not be four times the volume of the initial dose. Drink hellebore is possible for a long time, as the process of losing weight to the desired results in each case may be different.
Also hellebore is sold in liquid form in vials with a pipette. However, begin use with three drops, every 10 days to increase the dose twice. The maximum allowable amount is equal to 12 drops. Reception also needs to be long.
If you receive your helleboreand had a fever, rash, rapid heartbeat, severe nausea, vomiting, dizziness, General malaise, intake should stop immediately and consult a doctor for a complete physical. In any case do not exceed the stated dose, you can get severe poisoning glycosides including death.
On the basis of a helleboreCaucasian and sold the drug under the trade name "Coelbren". He has to take it in the doses given in the abstract, because the dosage may be different. But in any case, never using drugs on the basis of helleborebut it is better to start with a low dose no more than half recommended by the manufacturer.
In the use of helleboreand it is necessary to completely refuse from alcohol and drugs based on them.
Also, be aware that they haven't invented a tool that will help to conquer obesity, not respecting the diet, overeating and eating high-calorie foods late in the evening or at night. Be superfluous and exercise, fitness classes, aerobics, swimming, Jogging, etc.

Advice 3 : Top 5 exercise machines for weight loss

Trainer for weight loss is an important element in almost all gyms. And the technique is effective at slimming procedures, is also used by lovers of strength training as required to achieve the desired physical shape and lose those extra pounds.
Top 5 exercise machines for weight loss

The cheapest and easiest exercise for weight loss – jump rope

This device is an essential feature of sports and gyms. Use the rope and women want to become more lean, and brutal boxers.

Three main advantages in high efficiency of this device that allows you to put the rope in the first place TOP ranking – a small price, simplicity in operation and ease of storage, in contrast to the more cumbersome devices.

Using the rope is very effective in the fight against excess weight, particularly cellulite on the thighs.

This mini-simulator will not allow you to pump very muscular legs, but will create much-needed vitality and contribute to weight loss.

Elliptical (ellipsoidal) trainer

This device combines three sports equipment – exercise bike, a Jogging path and a Stairmaster. Pedal simulator allow you to simulate natural person, as they describe not a perfect circle, and, as the name implies, an ellipse.

An hour of walking on this kind of device can burn up to 850 calories, Cycling in the workout arms that move the top strap trainer. Besides, unlike the exercise bike and treadmill, the elliptical is shown on initial load still unprepared body, does not injure the knees and can quickly lose weight.

The traditional exercise bike

Such a device as close as possible simulate riding on a conventional bike, which is difficult to implement, for example, in the winter time. The device is relatively simple exercise bike is a stationary bike with a flywheel under the front wheel.

But, unlike the previous devices, while working on the bike almost not used the waist part of the spine, making his figures are slightly more modest – about 650 kcal for 40-60 minutes.

Such a simulator can be combined with a rather humdrum domestic activities. For example, watching TV.


This simulator, which is considered the best symbol of a healthy and successful man, is a fine example of aerobic exercise. On a treadmill you can set the speed and intensity of training, as well as the angle of the track, allowing you to simulate, for example, uphill.

For an hour of intense exercise can burn up to 700-800 calories. However, this kind of stress is contraindicated in people who are overweight, as it can have a negative impact on knee joints and cause new, sometimes quite severe, injuries. Therefore, professional trainers recommend the use of treadmills only to have trained people.

Traditional Steppers and mini varieties

This instrument is an imitation of two or three steps, on which the exercising person rises and then descends. The angle of the "steps" can also be adjusted by adding and easing the load.

More advanced models of Steppers has handrails to help you work with a trainer for weight loss. Due to the load on the legs and buttocks, the device allows to reduce up to 500 calories in one hour. However, the stepper has the same contraindications as treadmill – it is better not to use very dense people.

Advice 4 : How to drink mineral water "Donat" for weight loss

Every spring, many women carefully consider your body in the mirror, and realize that for beach season it is by no means finished. Someone just give the the skin tone with the help of spa procedures, someone like a couple of months in a fitness program to tighten up the silhouette. And someone starts to carry an unequal struggle with excess weight various diets.
How to drink mineral water "Donat" for weight loss

The main reasons for excess weight

Of course, one of the reasons of excess weight is wrong, too abundant and nutritious food. But that is no reason to punish yourself and put on starvation diet. Metabolism you this is not exactly perfect. On the contrary, will only aggravate the situation. And after a diet the lost weight will return.

Listen to your body. If you correctly understand the signals coming from it? Always do the meals connected with hunger? Do you have the habit of "jam" stress? You consume enough fluids? Because, as you know, the man is two thirds water, and sufficient consumption of water is the key to a great metabolism and good health. Water is essential for better digestion, it with it comes the breakdown of fats, toxins and processed substances from the body. Lack of water can result in the development of many chronic diseases and accelerates all the processes of aging.

Take the time to go on a diet. Proper nutrition and adequate water consumption are the main recipe of life without excess weight.

Proper water treatment and the benefits of mineral water "Donat"

Ideally, to lose weight need to drink this mineral water. Why? First, it will saturate the body with additional minerals, and it will cease to be "extracted" them from food, and you can safely reduce the usual intake for the quarter.
Thanks to its unique composition, "donut" also dulls the feeling of hunger.

Second, mineral water "Donat" has a high magnesium content. Magnesium reacts with fats deposited in the form of salts that are not absorbed by the digestive tract. Magnesium helps to normalize the metabolism.

Thirdly, consuming the recommended amount of mineral water "Donat", you at the cellular level trigger the dormant metabolic processes that break down existing fat into energy.

It is optimal to take mineral water "Donat" for weight loss need for a special scheme. A glass of water taken half an hour before Breakfast warm. This will contribute to the rapid revival and saturation of the body with all necessary minerals.
Small SIPS 20 minutes before lunch and dinner also drink 200-300 ml of "donation".
This will help you not to overeat, improve digestion and metabolism.

The course should last at least a month. And for the first month you leave last from 2 to 8 pounds of excess weight.

Advice 5 : What herbs you can drink tea instead

Tea came to Russia not so long ago by historical standards, but managed to settle down so much that it seems to be the traditional Russian drink. The pleasure and the usefulness of them, no doubt, but there are many tea-like drinks of herbs, successfully replacing tea.
Ingredients for herbal tea
In specialized shops along with the tea sold herbal blends. You can buy them, but you can make your own from herbs available at hand. These teas can be not only healthier, but tastier than store-purchased mixes, because they will be composed to suit their own tastes and needs. Particularly useful herbs growing in the area where people live.


Popular name fireweed – "Ivan-tea". Brew the dried leaves of this plant, you can get a great tea-like beverage. To do this, pour a glass of boiling water 2 tablespoons dried fireweed leaves, insist 10 minutes and then drink, dilute with water to taste.

The beneficial properties of this "tea" can hardly be overestimated. It has anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic and sedative effect. Shouldn't be drinking "tea" from willow before the journey or before you sleep, because it has a diuretic effect.


Very useful tea from the hips. Fruits contain more vitamin C than lemon or black currant, are present in them and other vitamins – B1, B2, B6, E, K, PP. Broth hips lowers blood pressure, strengthens blood vessels.

The easiest recipe of the beverage is as follows: 20 g of fruit – 5 g lemon juice 15 g of honey. You can combine rose hips with other ingredients – for example, take 20 g of the fruit 10 g Rowan berries and 5 g of leaves of oregano.

Can be prepared on the basis of rose hips tonic drink: 20 g of fruit – 10 g of berries, wild cherry, 30 g of nettle leaves and 20 blueberries. This mixture in the amount of one tablespoon boiled for 10 minutes, the Gulf Cup of boiling water, and then infused for hours, drink with honey.

Other tonic mixture includes, along with 30 g of rose hips the same amount of nettle leaves, 10 g of lingonberry leaves and honey to taste. Bay tablespoon of the mixture 2 cups boiling water, to simmer for 10 minutes, then 2 hours to insist in a thermos.

Other herbal teas

Herbal blends to tea-like drinks you can make independently. You need to be careful, because a few herbs possessing a strong flavor, such as lemon balm, mint, thyme – can when mixing to give a very unpleasant smell. It is better to include in the mixture one such grass and a few neutral.

As example recipes vitamin teas. Such mixtures are not medicinal, they can drink all people and in any quantity.

To prepare strawberry tea, you will need 2 g of mint and St. John's wort 10 g of strawberry leaves. Rowan tea prepared from dried berries of mountain ash (30 grams), raspberry (5 g), black currant leaves (2 g). Heather tea can be prepared from 2 g of leaves of Heather, the same number of leaves of rose hips and 10 g of strawberry leaves.

Advice 6 : Does green tea on kidney

Green tea – not just a tasty drink, but also an indispensable tool for lifting mood and overall body tone. Eastern healers have long used it to strengthen the heart, improve sleep and the nervous system patients.
Does green tea on kidney

The composition of green tea

The main component contained in the drink caffeine. This alkaloid is known for its tonic properties. Due to caffeine in green tea stimulates the brain, expands the blood vessels of the heart and lowers blood pressure. Product contains large number of minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, fluorine) that have a positive impact on the status of internal organs. In tea there are considerable stocks of vitamin P strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

In addition, green tea undergoes a special fermentation process, so unlike black, it retains most of the antioxidants. The drink has excellent ability to suppress free radicals in the human body, preventing the aging of cells.

Another important component of green tea – catechins and polyphenols. These unique substances have the ability to destroy harmful microorganisms, protecting the person during seasonal epidemics of colds. Also these compounds are able to resist cancer cells. It is scientifically proven that green tea is able to effectively fight prostate cancer.

As green tea effect on kidneys

Green tea is not recommended to use in large quantities to persons suffering from diseases of organs of urinary system. The fact that the caffeine included in the beverage composition, is a powerful diuretic. If you drink tea too often, you can simply bring the body to dehydration. This will help increase the level salts and acids in the kidneys, but later can lead to formation of stones. Specialists are encouraged to limit the consumption of green tea those who have chronic or acute kidney disease up to 1-2 small cups of the drink per day. After tea, be sure to drink a glass of plain water to restore the fluid loss in the body.

Who should not drink green tea

This drink is contraindicated in excitable people with unstable nervous system. Green tea should not drink for pregnant and nursing mothers, as the caffeine negatively affects the baby. Do not get involved in this product during illnesses accompanied by increased body temperature. In tea is theophylline, able to raise the temperature. Green tea should not be consumed simultaneously with alcohol. These drinks combine to form dangerous aldehydes that can harm the kidneys.
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