Unfortunately, when drinking tea for weight loss and nothing else to do to burn a lot of fat will not work. The maximum that can be achieved – mild cleansing of the body. Due to this, and also because of diuretic and laxative effect tea weight decline slightly, but only slightly.
However, this does not mean that this tea is to drink constantly. The fact that it can lead to health problems: fluid loss and sometimes dehydration, and together with slag washed of essential body substances, such as potassium. His loss will be felt weakness and pain in the kidneys. Another unpleasant side effect of long use of this drink is addictive to him. Eventually the body will wean themselves excrete waste products of the body.
But this does not mean that drinking tea for weight loss is strictly not necessary. You just have to follow a few rules. Most importantly – buy only quality teas, natural, no flavorings and colorings, which include herbs. To protect yourself from buying fakes, you should go for such beverages in the pharmacy. Second, take tea, strictly following the instructions on the package, never exceed the recommended dose. And finally, avoid using products that promise to rid you not only of superfluous kgs, but also from all sorts of diseases.
In addition, before purchase be sure to pay attention to the composition of tea for weight loss. If you suspect that at least one of the components of the drink can cause you to have allergic reaction, it is better to err and to choose another tea. Benefit of pharmacies are now a lot of similar goods produced in different countries. Tea for weight loss can be identified independently from several suitable herbs for many popular recipes. Then you will be confident in its naturalness.
However, the best option is to drink regular green tea. It activates the metabolic processes in the body and helps to drop those extra pounds. Especially good results are obtained Oolong tea, its leaves a lot of polyphenol, a substance that promotes the breakdown of fat.