Download the necessary files of the plugins from the Internet. There are a large number of extensions for Total Commander, which can be divided into add-ons for backup, file system, expand the list of supported formats and information. These additions can have formats WCX, WFX, WLX and WDX. If the extension comes in the format of rar archive, it should be unpacked by using WinRAR software.
Open the program window of Total Commander and browse using the file Manager in the directory where you unzipped the plugin file. Select the extension file, then the program will prompt you to install plugin. Click "Yes" and wait for the installation of the extension.
To configure the settings for the use of a particular Supplement, you can use the program settings. To do this go to "Configuration" - "settings" app and select "Plugins". Using this section, you can also install downloaded extensions manually by pressing the corresponding button in the program window and specify the path to the plugin file Total Commander. The necessary settings have been made.
For Total Commander there are a large number of additional extensions. For example, to display the contents of files in the utility window, you can use IEView. Imagine a plugin will allow you to view almost all formats of images and carry out basic operations on them edited. AmpView will help to play media files in mp3, wav, etc. Also in the Internet you can find supplements, giving the option to edit the code, burn to CD or DVD discs and manage the files without leaving the program.