You will need
  • - FTP client.
The main page in Wordpress is an element that displays all published posts or announcements to them. If you want to create it only the navigational elements and display static content, and a list of records to publish on another page, go to the admin panel (http://ваш_сайт/administrator/) to select the "Pages" - "Add new".
Enter the name of the new page and paste the desired content. After the necessary settings, click "Publish". In the same way create one more page where you want to display all active content.
Go to "Settings" - "Reading". In the settings window, select "a Static page". For "Home page" select the name of the first page created in the previous step. For "entry Page" select the second option.
To edit the template of the main page, you can also independently change the desired settings in the code. For the order of the elements responsible for the file index.php. Download it to your computer using FTP client, web hosting control panel or open directly using the code Editor in WordPress. All records display units
each of which has a specific purpose and setting. For example,
responsible for the display of information on the site and the headers. The full list of all possible parameters is given in the documentation for the engine. After making changes don't forget to upload the edited file back to the hosting using FTP.
If after making the settings, the main page does not appear, check these settings and refresh the page.

Depending on engine version, the name of the above-mentioned setting items may vary.
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