You will need
  • salicylic acid 1%
  • 5 tablets of Levomicetina
  • 5 tablets Streptotsida
  • 5 minutes of free time to prepare our solution
Tablets are crushed into powder so that the powder resembled flour.
And to fill the resulting powder in a bottle with salicylic acid.
The resulting solution was stirred. You should not attempt to fully dissolve the pellet, as before application of the solution will be vesbaltawati.
Apply every night before sleep all over the face except the eye area vitnam drive. Before applying, the bottle of solution should be shaken. It is necessary before to apply the solution to clean the skin, i.e. to wash my face with a gel cleanser.
Well, that's all.)
After a few days You will become the owner of or the owner of a healthy skin)
Good luck!
And let You not worry about problems with the skin)