To copy an item in Mac OS, click and hold in this position for some time until the shortcut menu, which will be available a list of commands, including those for copying data or text. In the English versions of the Mac operating system, this feature is called Copy.
Read the computer keyboard. Please note that all of the basic commands to access the text editing features and perform tasks with files, working with keyboard is available not only for Windows but also for Mac. However, the Ctrl key, which when pressed in combination with other performs certain functions, replaced the iMac on the Command key, or as it is abbreviated as Cmnd. When using it in combination with C or V are functions of copy and paste objects or text in the same way as it happens in Windows.
To run the context menu of a selected object or text in the Macintosh operating system, hold down the left mouse button together with the Cmnd, in the list that appears click copy, cut, replace, and so on. Here all the features similar to Windows. Key Cmnd on iMac can also be in the form of icons and not the labels name.
Carefully read the instructions on using the Macintosh operating system before working with her, because, despite the similarity of the basic functions of OS Windows, many keyboard shortcuts are completely different and sometimes conflicting purpose, not to mention the organization of the file system and applications. A quick transition from one operating system to another is very difficult even for advanced users of personal computers. Instructions for using Macintosh OS functions you can find in various torrents and sites, software products support Mac.