You will need
  • construction knife;
  • - glue-putty.
  • pencil;
  • roulette;
  • - the mitre box;
  • - spatula;
  • - silicone sealant;
  • - fine sandpaper
Place two ceiling plinth in the corner so that their broad sides touch each other. Mark on one and the other the baseboard, where they touch, with a pencil.
Place the baseboard on a flat surface. Draw a line connecting the earlier mark and the opposite corner of the throat. Carefully cut the baseboard by a line drawn with a sharp construction knife.
Apply a fillet in the corner, holding each other. If necessary, adjust the end surface of the fillets with a knife and finish with fine emery paper.
Apply a thin strip of glue on the surface of the floor adjacent to the wall and ceiling, and at its end part. Allow the glue to soak in for 1-2 minutes.
Glue fillets. Wipe off excess glue with a spatula. Carefully seal the gap formed at the junction of the fillets, using silicone sealant.
If the walls and ceiling in your apartment flat, it is to cut the baseboard at an angle of 45 degrees, you can use a special tool - mitre box. Place the fillet in the groove of the tool and cut at the required angle, using slot. Cut the second fillet mirror, under the same angle.
Perhaps the most simple and, because of this, a popular way of gluing ceiling moldings in the corners of the room is the use of special corner elements. In this option, you will be spared from having to stitch the throat. If the chosen model ceiling plinth corner pieces are not available, use a universal "parts".