If you lost cash the check, do not worry, to terminate the contract of sale, and precisely because the language of lawyers is called the return of the goods, you can. Every thing has its own serial number – the article, it usually consists of four or six numbers. Code recorded in the invoices and the invoices, they are kept from the seller, repeating the digits under the barcode. Have cash the checkand have your own room. Now you can build some connection. Of course, the cheque not be able to recover, but to make it a duplicate you can try.
In order to do a duplicate checkand need to remember what day you placed your order, at what time and how many bought things. If the buyer still remember and can with confidence all play, then you can try to find this check in the program a cash register or an automated service. Usually all the stores work in the program 1C "Trade and warehouse". It will help to make the duplicate.
Run the program and log in. Choose the function "Log" then "Log checks KKM". This section should display all receiptand that were issued. It remains to choose the day of purchase and the approximate time.
If the program has a search engine, then type the number of the article, otherwise you would have to search manually. Article look buy: everything should match up, the article number and time.
Hit "Print" and "Duplicate". The machine will print out two identical checkand one of them is the seller, and the second is given to the buyer, who applies it to the application for the return of the goods.
It should be noted that this procedure is not for every buyer who wants to return the thing. The seller is obliged to coordinate with the administrator and then to make a duplicate. You also need to beware of the scams. Please see the article, color and model things. You need to learn the assortment of the store in which you work.