Contact the trucking company or law firm that has the right to issue certificates-the accounts. Consult with experts in the procedure and get the list of documents that you will need to provide.
Be sure to ask for the document confirming the certification of the traffic police, to avoid fraud. Remember that, on 30 July 2009 a decree was adopted according to which the discontinuation of the forms of inquiries-accounts. In this regard, many companies, they were in stock. Check this point from the employee.
Agree with the car salesman about the time of the transaction of purchase and sale, and agree with the employees of the chosen company. Inform the seller that you want to issue the invoice statement, so he will have to remove the vehicle from the register.
Collect the documents for help-account: the passport of the vehicle with the mark of the traffic police that the car struck off the register for future sales (MENA, donation, etc.); transit accommodation if they have previously processed; and also the passport of the buyer and the seller. If one of the parties is a legal entity, there must be a contract of mandate and power of attorney for the representative of the enterprise on the right of purchase or sale of the vehicle.
Report the seller to the company issuing the invoice statement. Your name will be written this document, indicating the cost of the vehicle specified at the time of sale. Payment services companies and accrued income from sale.
Get help-account and the sign "Transit". Merchant must also make a backup of this document, which must be kept in the archive for several years. In case of loss of original certificate-account, you can always contact this company for recovery.