Advice 1: How to know the ip of the player in the COP

Find out the ip address of the player Counter-Strike quite difficult, unless you are the server administrator. For this you need a special add-ons that you can download from the Internet, most of which don't work.
How to know the ip of the player in the COP
You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
If you have installed a licensed version of the game, use the official search plugin for the game Counter-Strike. They are divided among themselves on permitted and prohibited, a utility that you need is in the latter category. If you do not find the necessary file through the official search engine, add-ons, use the usual search engine.
However, after downloading the file be sure to scan it for viruses. Most of the patches to view the Ip addresses do not work, so do not expect this method specific results. Run the downloaded file and follow the prompts to the menu, find out the IP addresses of those or other players of the server.
Use the launch of the game console the game Counter-Strike in order to get the Ip address of players on the server. In string, enter the cheat code vote, then you should display information about all users that are online. If you do not help this code, use the enter rcon status. This command is one of the most important, when typing it displays full information about all of the playerx Counter-Strike, but it works not on all versions.
Download plugins amx_who or amx_ip that will allow you to know the 'players' in that case, if you are a team administrator. Also try searching for amx_showip, this team can also help you to see the ip address of the players.
Keep in mind that the result depends on the software version, the server on which you play, and the settings for the network players, many of them can just hide your address by using various encryption software. Download patches and plug-ins may also not work for the same reasons. Also find out their compliance with your version of the game Counter-Strike.
Many additional utilities for games contain malicious files.

Advice 2 : How to know server ip

Some users of the Internet from time to time you may need to know the ip address of a server. For example, if the user is known to only the domain, but more precise information on the server, you can resort to a very simple way.
How to know server ip

Question about how to find the ip of the server on the Internet seems complicated at first glance. You just need to use some of the functionality of the Windows operating system. Open the "start menu" and select and list option "Run".

In the window that appears, write cmd, and then press "OK". A window will open in which you will need to dial the following phrase "nslookup" instead in this case, you must substitute the full name you are interested in domain). Then press "Enter". After executing the command you will see the text of a certain type, which will contain the following lines:

  • Server — this string is the name of responding to you on a query to a dns server.

  • Address — this string contains the ip address of the responding server and the port number (default on almost all dns servers, this number is 53).

  • Name — this string will be written the name of the domain that You requested.

  • This method is extremely simple and is especially attractive because it does not require installation of any additional software on your computer. Using it, you will be able to know the ip of the server that you are interested in, in minutes. You do not need any additional data besides the exact name of the selected domain. Such a function can be executed on almost all computers that have Windows operating system.

    Advice 3 : How to know the IP address of the server

    Users with high-speed dedicated connection to the Internet, especially gamers, are periodically required to know the IP of the server. Internet Protocol Address, abbreviated IP, is displayed in the form of four numbers from 0 to 255, separated by dots, e.g.,
    How to know the IP address of the server
    Click "start" if you use Windows. Find and click on "Run". There will be a gray box. Type "cmd" to display the command prompt window is black. Using the keypad, type in "ping"and the next address of the website, IP of server which you want to find out. Press "Enter" and study the result.
    Use the same method to obtain not only IP, but also port the game server. To do this, first go to the game and roll up her window. Click start, Run, type "cmd"and "Enter". In the appearing command prompt, type "netstat" and press enter. Get a column of numbers, the first of which in each row means the IP and the second the number of the active port. Displayed will all the existing connections.
    Download a special program , for example, L2Dat_EncDec or L2 FileEdit. To download first specify the path to the folder "System". Select menu, L2encdecTools, then Set INI files and 2.ini. The contents of this file is the information you want. Here under the code ServerAddr contains the IP of the server. When you load the second program algorithm is slightly different. Click in the opened window "Open and decrypt". In the folder "System", choose the file l2.ini. And you need information.
    Take advantage of our special web services for updating the IP of the server. Enter in a special string the address of the site that he supports, and get the desired result. For example, a service provided by the website
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