You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
If you have installed a licensed version of the game, use the official search plugin for the game Counter-Strike. They are divided among themselves on permitted and prohibited, a utility that you need is in the latter category. If you do not find the necessary file through the official search engine, add-ons, use the usual search engine.
However, after downloading the file be sure to scan it for viruses. Most of the patches to view the Ip addresses do not work, so do not expect this method specific results. Run the downloaded file and follow the prompts to the menu, find out the IP addresses of those or other players of the server.
Use the launch of the game console the game Counter-Strike in order to get the Ip address of players on the server. In string, enter the cheat code vote, then you should display information about all users that are online. If you do not help this code, use the enter rcon status. This command is one of the most important, when typing it displays full information about all of the playerx Counter-Strike, but it works not on all versions.
Download plugins amx_who or amx_ip that will allow you to know the 'players' in that case, if you are a team administrator. Also try searching for amx_showip, this team can also help you to see the ip address of the players.
Keep in mind that the result depends on the software version, the server on which you play, and the settings for the network players, many of them can just hide your address by using various encryption software. Download patches and plug-ins may also not work for the same reasons. Also find out their compliance with your version of the game Counter-Strike.