Go to the link with someone who needs you, and ask how he is doing. Intelligent educated people will immediately guess about the reason for your question, if the money he never speaks, you have to develop the topic yourself.
Starting a conversation from afar, so you can find out circumstances of the debtor. Maybe this person is really a big problem or serious grief, which is why it really is unable to return the debt. Thus the word for strangers is not worth it. Try to verify the information it provides, otherwise the result will be that you simply "heated ears."
Politely ask them to return the debt can and following: tell your debtor that you want to make a serious purchase (or name another reason why you urgently needed the money). If he's a decent man, taking into account your veiled request, to find the necessary amount of turning to another lender.
If the person who owes you the money believes that they give not necessarily, he can threaten. Certainly, before to give him a certain amount, you asked him to make a receipt (if such a document does not exist in nature, the fact of transfer of money to witnesses can confirm). If you survived, tell your debtor that you are going to recover debt through the court, and explain that the losing party (in this case, it will be a he) will incur additional costs.
If your debtor does not understand normal handling, but respects the power, promise him that if the money is not returned, it will have certain issues. To enhance the effect, it is desirable that they're not you and the so-called "serious" people (in fact – just unknown to the debtor man characteristic appearance). However, this measure of exposure can turn you sideways (threats criminal). A scared person can sue you in court for pressure and to claim damages. If your found guilty, the amount you have to pay may be much higher than the one you had to return initially.