Mobile operator "Beeline" offers its users to use the service "Mobile translation". It allows you to transfer money from your account to the account of another subscriber of "Beeline" in any time of the day without visiting the service center. All you need is the amount on your account that you wish to send to the subscriber. A request to transfer funds can be submitted by typing on a mobile USSD-command: *145*subscriber's number*amount of transfer#.
The subscriber number specified in ten-digit format, with no +7 or 8, but indicating a regional code like 960, 963, etc., the Amount of translationand specified in full roubles, without cents, if a rate is not provided using U.S. dollars as currency mobile account. In the latter case, you must specify the dollar amount. It is automatically converted into rubles, if the subscriber-the recipient has ruble-denominated tariff plan. After entering the code, press send call.
Within a few minutes your account will be debited you specified in USSD-request amount and a Commission rate of 5 rubles. At the same time funds will be transferred to the subscriber's account-the recipient what "Beeline" will notify it in the form of SMS-messages on the replenishment of the balance, indicating the telephone number of the sending subscriber. This service is provided by "Beeline" company default, and the special procedures of its connection is required.
However, the operator may deny the transfer of funds from a mobile account if you've reached the starting balance, i.e. never funded your account from the date of purchase of the SIM card and not used up the original balance is usually 100 or 150 rubles. Also, "Beeline" may refuse to transfer a sum of money to the number of another subscriber, or if your SIM card was activated less than three months ago.