You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - the "Declaration" from an official site of Federal tax service of the Russian Federation;
  • - certificate of the form № 2-NDFL (income need);
  • - the contract concluded with educational institution;
  • - bills and receipts to support your expenses.
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate of the child.
To receive the social tax deduction, please contact the tax office at the place of registration. They will provide you with the necessary forms Declaration form No. 3-NDFL. Arrange them by looking at the samples available in the tax authority. You can do otherwise. Download a program called "Declaration" (the relevant year) from the website of the Federal tax service of Russia in this link and fill out the form electronically.
Prepare all the necessary documents in advance, make copies of them (except passports and certificates), then to present to the tax authority together with the completed Declaration.
Running the computer program "Declaration" opens on the tab called "setting conditions". Specify the number of the tax authority by clicking on the box next to the line and selecting it from the opened directory. Fill in the remaining blank lines by putting a "flag" in the corresponding boxes.
Then go to the tab located below the "details of the declarant". Fill out your information: passport data, full name, INN (it is registered in the certificate form № 2-NDFL). On this page, go to the tab "place of residence" by clicking in the window with the image of the house.
Putting in the relevant lines, all the necessary information, click on the tab "Income earned in the Russian Federation". Enter the income by months (cumulatively) and the source of payment. Take this information from the certificate issued by the employer. Be careful: all that you should perform on the page "Income, taxable at 13%".
By clicking on the tab entitled "Subtractions", enter the standard tax deductions, on the basis of the same income certificate of the form № 2-NDFL. Clicking in the box called "Social tax deductions", check "check box" next to the line that says "to Provide social tax deduction". Enter in the appropriate lines the amounts actually paid by you for the child's education, according to the agreement with the educational institution and receipts.
At the top of the program window the "Declaration" is the "Preview" tab. Click on it. Shows all of your completed Declaration page. Now you can all to check carefully. If you find an error, go back to a tab and fix.