Advice 1: How to attach the baseboard to the concrete wall

Residents panel, block and monolithic buildings faced with the problem of mounting skirting boards – simply nail, as in a brick or wooden wall, not hammered. In this case there are two options: drill holes for dowels or glue the baseboard on the liquid nails.
How to attach the baseboard to the concrete wall
You will need
  • For the first method of attachment:
  • - hacksaw;
  • - ruler, pencil;
  • - a drill with a hammer;
  • - drill d7 or d8;
  • - hammer;
  • - galvanized nails with flat head;
  • - furniture dowels d8.
  • For the second method of attachment:
  • sealant or liquid nails.
Make the necessary measurements and sawed the skirting Board into sections of desired length. Start from the wall in which the door, and move clockwise.
Hammer the nails into the baseboard with a pitch of not less than 50 cm Your task is to drive them so that on the reverse side were the tip of the nail 1-2 mm, not more. Attach the baseboard to the ceiling and mark these edges locations for drilling holes for dowels, which later will drive nails. Remove the plinth and mark these points with a pencil so you'll never be wrong.
Drill into the concrete wall of the hole by placing the drill the block of wood to keep it on weight. So you can make holes, parallel to the floor or 45 ° angle, if the bar corner. Beat in them, the furniture dowels.
Install the baseboard in place fasteners and finish nails. The described method is quite reliable, however not every baseboard can be fastened in this way. If you set honey oak skirting or do not want to paint a tree structure, or the nails will need to putty with special composition, structure and color of which perfectly matched or use any other method of attachment does not violate the front surface of the finishing material.
Gluing the plinth can only be the case if the walls are perfectly smooth. So first align the wall surface using the tool rule and plaster. Attach the deep-layer of plaster primer.
After complete drying of the wall mark the mounting location of the plinth with a pencil and a ruler. If on top of the wall were pasted the Wallpaper, then cut them into 1 cm below the mark. Fill the inner surface of the floor Assembly adhesive or germetikoj, making undulating movements. Spread the glue with a spatula, attach the baseboard to the wall and press. The best option is to use screws along the edges, holes in the wall do as in the first embodiment, but if the initial installation – not to spoil the front of the plinth, the drying time plinth need to press down with something heavy.

Advice 2 : How to fit skirting

Floor skirting is a narrow bar shaped profile, covering the junction of wall and floor. Usually skirting is used to decorate the room. Recently on our market, a plinthwith cable TV where you can hide electrical and telephone wires.
How to fit skirting
For proper and precise fit floor skirtingand carefully obmerte room construction with a ruler and calculate the number of required skirtings. Schedule the installation of skirtings. Remember the Russian saying - measure twice, cut once!
Mark the attachment skirtings to the walls. Drill, drill in the walls of the hole depth of 50-70 mm at the desired height at a distance of 60-70 cm from each other. Insert in the holes of the wooden plugs. Make the walls invisible places of attachment.
Decorate the edge of those skirtings, which will be fixed in the internal or external corners of the room. Cut the edges at an angle of 45 degrees. Use a ready-made template or a custom fixture with a hacksaw.
Attach the skirtingand the walls with screws 3,5х35мм.
Fill screws wood putty using a flexible putty knife.
Ceiling skirtingand fillets, customize as well as the outdoor plinth. The only difference is that a fillet of glue stick. Small cracks that inevitably arise when fitting, coat with acrylic or mounting glue.
Skirting boards come in a ceiling and floor. Ceiling moldings – fillet – set in the joints of the walls and ceiling. Ceiling moldings made of PVC and have different profiles section, and color. PVC skirting boards are installed using mounting glue and glued as close as possible to the ideal line running parallel to the wall.
Skirting boards are wood, MDF, PVC, and other polymeric materials. Most popular today are plastic moldings, since they are easy to install and do not require extra care. Plastic plinth with cable channel that opens easily and conveniently hides any wiring. PVC skirting is installed with dowels and screws. Installation of PVC skirting boards is simplified by the use of additional accessories, joints, end caps, corners.
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