Buy safety pins. This is the most simple and effective way. You can use them to hang a poster of any size. Gently poke the corners of the poster and attach it to the wall. Should also very carefully and slowly, pulling out one pin and holding the poster. Of course, with this method, the poster and the wall left holes, but they are so small that not even noticeable.
Purchase self-adhesive strips Command. The strips are designed specifically for mounting posters, easy to use, and most importantly, they can easily be removed completely without leaving any traces on the wall and the poster.
Use adhesive QUELYD lot of BLU TACK. It is perfect for attaching any objects, including posters. To stick a poster with this mass, separate from it a small piece and knead it until then, until it becomes soft. Roll out a piece of a small ball and attach it to the back of the poster. Carefully attach the poster to the wall, press it and smooth. To the poster exactly cheerful, it is best to make four tiny ball and glue them on each corner.
As another method, use a thin metal plate, which must be glued to the wall. If you want to hide from prying eyes the plate, it is possible to glue the Wallpaper. With the help of small magnets attach the poster to the strap. If it's posters, then use small magnets in the form of various figures. This will make the interior of the room is colorful and fun, and will attract the child's attention.
Use for streamers and posters. With their help, the poster will always be evenly stretched position. To insert or replace the poster, it is sufficient to open the clamp, insert the desired poster or a poster, and gently clamp it. The whole process takes less than two minutes. The size of the stretch is chosen for the poster format. Such extensions allow you to hang the huge posters on the wall of the building, by pulling them from one corner to the other. At home you can make a homemade banner using ordinary fishing line.
In addition to all the listed ways, you can use the brackets for mounting the posters. They meet for one poster, or several at once. For example, one such bracket you can hang it about 10-15 posters, They are comfortable to use, as they allow you to change posters without any problems. Just select a place on the wall and carefully attach to the bracket.
Make small posters in frames and then you will get the original paintings that can be hung on special hooks for paintings or sticking using adhesive mass.