In our time the most popular form of registration of newly created companies is a limited liability company (LLC). Less common closed and open joint stock companies (ZAO And OAO). The popularity of OOO due to the fact that this organizational form, the minimum Charter capital is 10,000 rubles, but the founders are responsible in proportion to their share. The creation of the LLC is the least time-consuming way of creating companies that require a small time and financial costs.
If you are aiming to get their share of the profit of the company, open JSC. If you open a company you are targeting financial investments a wide range of people, in this case, you should register a company.
If you have chosen a suitable legal form, create the firm name. It should be informative, beautiful and memorable. Note that you cannot use the name well-known registered logos, is facing quite a large fine or even court proceedings. In addition, the legislation established restrictions on the use of the firm name the words "Russia". If you want to use it in the title, you will have to obtain another authorization and then pay the tax.
Define the legal address of the company. To open a company is possible only at the place of its Executive body. Also for opening the firm will require articles of incorporation. From founders – legal entities need a certificate of state registration, the certificate on including information in the register, the certificate on statement on accounting in tax authority, the Protocol on appointment of the head, his passport number and Charter.
In addition, when the opening of the company, you should determine the economic activities. For this we turn to all-Russian classifier of types of economic activity. You can choose up to 20 types. First you should put the type from whom you will obtain the most cash.
Select the tax system for your firm. It can be a shared system in which you will have to pay all legal taxes. Under the simplified tax system is paid a single tax that replaces income tax, VAT, property tax and unified social tax.