You will need
  • - program for recording CDs Nero Burning Rom
For DVD movies it is not enough just to write the movie files to disk using a standard Windows account. To DVD readable on all portable players, you need to use a special program to correctly burn a DVD Video. One such program is Nero Burning Rom is an application of the Nero Suite that contains almost any edition of Nero, for example, Nero Ultra Edition, Nero 6 or Nero 9.
After launching Nero Burning Rom, the program will prompt you to create a new project. Select from all available formats "DVD Video" and click "New" (new in Russian version of the program Nero).
The window is divided into two parts. In one of them you will see two folders – VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. In another part will be shown in Windows Explorer. Locate the movie files (VOB format), as well as the rest of the files belonging to this DVD movie. Usually they are contained in one folder. Drag these files into the VIDEO_TS folder in another part of the screen, holding them with the left mouse button.
If the movie has multiple audio tracks, drag the audio files in the AUDIO_TS folder. If you have this folder along with the movie just yet, or the folder exists, but it's empty, AUDIO_TS folder don't add.
After you drag all the files in the right folders VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders, then click "Burn" / "Start" ("Burn" / "Burn") either the disk image with a match. A window will appear in the progress of burning the movie to disk. Once the disc is burned, Nero Burning Rom will notify you about the successful writing and you will be able to eject the disk from your CD/DVD-ROM.