You will need
  • - disinfectant solutions (potassium permanganate, 5% solution of soda);
  • - antifungal drugs.
In the occurrence of yeast infection is of great importance nutrition for mom and baby. If the baby still gets breast milk, eliminate from your diet any confectionery and bakery products, roast and mashed potatoes. Limit consumption of milk.
Include in the diet fresh vegetables and fruit juices, especially vitamin C. Take further this vitamin. He needed to restore the mucous membrane of the baby. Drink at least 2 litres of water and beverages.
Include in your diet and diet yogurt. Drink it at night, instead of the last meal. It suppresses excessive growth of Candida, due to which there is a restoration of microflora of the mucosa.
Several times a day, clean the mucous membrane of the mouth infants gauze soaked with 5% sodium bicarbonate solution. It created an alkaline environment inhibits the proliferation of fungal infection. Continue processing for another 2-3 days after disappearance of symptoms of thrush. For convenience, wrap the finger with gauze, soak in the soda solution and carefully clean the tongue, palate and inner surface of the cheeks from the plaque. The processing can use a weak (pink) solution of potassium permanganate.
On prescription, for the treatment of thrush in infants, use one of several tools - balsam shestakovskoe (vinilin), nystatin drops, ointment or suspension, gentian violet. Use alone for the treatment of oral decoctions of herbs – calendula, sage, loosestrife.
Effective and delicious cure thrush in infants is recognized as carrot juice. It is also a preventive measure. Start him to give the 4th week of life 1-2 drops a day, for 4 months-2 tsp, and by the end of the year, bring its volume up to 5 tsp a day. For the treatment of thrush, mix some carrot juice with honey and apply to them the baby's mouth.
Observe good personal hygiene and hygiene of the child. Daily boil the pacifier (if used), wash with boiling water and objavite all the toys. Soft toys lay all day in the sun. Keep toddler hands.