You will need
  • Photoshop
Clear photo with a flash drive of your camera on the computer to remove sun glare in the photo. Run the program Adobe Photoshop.
Through it, open the photo you want to edit. Then create a new layer. On the toolbar find the Eye Dropper. It is a tool shown in the eyedropper.
If you want to correct the person removing solar flare, select the area of the skin, the color of which you consider optimum, and click on it with a pipette.
Mention that you need to choose a shade that is somewhere between the darkest and lightest it option. After you have selected, the specified color is automatically determined on the palette.
Click on the toolbar, a small paintbrush and paint over all the highlights in the image. Paint should be on a new layer. Please note that after that the photo will lose its naturalness.
To resolve this, apply the function of "Mixing layers". To do this, copy the original layer (Duplicate layer). Then place the copy between the new and the original layer. In line Blending Mode change the blending mode of the layers, giving it a Color value.
Take the tool Burn tool on the toolbar to remove sun glare. Set the hardness of the brush set to 0. In sections Range and Exposure, set the Highlights and 10%, respectively.
Paint brush illuminated fragments of photos. This will smooth out the irregularities of colour and also will make it more uniform. On the toolbar, grab the Blur tool. This tool blur parts of the photo.
Blend the edges of the shaded spots so that they do not stand out. Then change the opacity of the middle layer (copy of the main layer), giving it a value of 50%