Advice 1: How to clear the command line

Command prompt in Windows is one of the most convenient tools of interaction with the operating system of the computer, providing the user with an alternative method of performing operations view the contents of folders, copying, deleting and moving information.
How to clear the command line
Click "start" to bring up the main menu system and navigate to the "Execute" item to trigger the start of the command line tool.
Enter the value of cmd in the Open box and click OK to confirm the command.
Use the following commands by the command line tool:

- cls - clear the command line;

- cmd - launch a copy of the command line;

- color - select the color of display background and text of the command line;

- prompt - edit text command-line prompt;

- title - select the title of the window for the current command prompt session;

- exit - shutdown command-line tool.
Enter the following value in the command line to retrieve information data system:

- driverquery - displays the properties and current status of the selected device driver;

- systeminfo - show system data and the configuration of the computer;

ver - display information about the current version of the operating system.
Change the parameters of the system using the following commands:

- date - ability to edit the current date;

- schtasks - create schedules, run programs or execute commands;

- shutdown комепьютера8

- taskkill - a forced shutdown of the selected program or process;

- time - ability to edit data in the system time.
The main values of the command line is usually called follows:

- copy - copy file;

- del - delete file;

- fc - compare files;

find - find text value in the selected file;

md - create folder;

- move - move file;

- print - to print the selected file;

rd - removes the selected folder;

- ren - rename a file;

- replace to replace the file.
Useful advice
Use the help command for more information about the syntax of the command line and the help CommandName value to determine the properties of the selected command.

Advice 2 : How to delete a file from the command line

Command prompt Windows – a powerful tool management system. With the knowledge of certain system commands, you can produce almost any action with the settings and files in Windows. With its help, you can also delete unnecessary system files or some data is not available for the graphical interface.
How to delete a file from the command line
Run the utility "Command prompt" in Windows. For this you can go to "start" - "All programs" - "Accessories" - "Command prompt". To start, you can use the buttons on keyboard Win (button with Windows logo) and R at the same time. You can also find the console by entering cmd in the search bar of the start menu.
In the window that appears you must enter the command you want to delete your file. Usually uses the del command with the following syntax:

del drive:putdouble\file attribute

Instead of "CD" in the command you want to insert the letter of the drive that contains the file you recorded. So, if you need to delete the document is in the windows folder of the system drive, the command would be del C:\Windows\file.txt where file.txt file that you want to delete.
If you want to delete all data in the folder, select the appropriate attribute /S. for Example:

del C:\Windows\folder /s

This command will delete all the data in the directory folder, including any subdirectories.
For deleted files you can also use the Erase utility. It has the same del syntax and can erase the files. For example:

erase C:\Program Files\Game RMDIR

This command will destroy the Game directory which is in Program files directory of drive C.
To remove a system file, you must perform two steps. First, you must specify that you are the owner of this document:

takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\program.exe

This query will help you to get access to remove the file program.exe.
Then you need to allow the delete operation in the system yourself using the cacls command:

cacls C:\Windows\System32\program.exe /G imapisession:F

"Imapiservice" - your username that you use when working in the system.
Then you can use request del:

del C:\Windows\System32\program.exe

Deleting system file is completed.
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