Before making a physical alteration of the audio, check the settings surround sound settings soundnovel card of your computer. Interface these settings will vary greatly between cards. Often there is the possibility of obtaining pseudophedrine with only two speakers and simulate the reverberation in concert halls of various sizes, open space, etc.
If you soundlike the card or its software does not support the configuration of surround sound, try to switch between the computer and speakers special device - reverb. You would think that the music sounds in a much larger room than your room.
Try to make to your computer speakers pseudoquaternions console. Take a very small active speaker with output power of about two watts. Unplug them from the mains and from the computer. Disassemble each of them. Take two paper of a capacitor of 1 µf and turn one of them in series with each of the speakers. Parallel circuit consisting of the speaker and capacitor, connect a long cord. Redo thus each of the two speakers, and then close them back up, previously having done for a cord hole and withdrawing it out. Make sure that the newly added elements do not touch other circuits of the columns, especially the network.
Take big speakers, such as those supplied by domestic players. They should have a resistance of 8 Ohms. Connect the opposite end of each of the cords that you have connected in the previous step, according to this column.
Place small speakers in front, large behind. Connect the converted active speaker back to the computer and to the network. Ensure its normal operation.
Experiment. The proposed location of the speakers relative to the listener and each other is not the only possible one. Try by rearrangement to achieve a more pronounced effect psevdomatematicheskoe that is best suitable for you.