In summary, in the section "Professional achievements", write what you have achieved in your profession in previous works, and in the section "Professional skills" indicate the points that have helped you get similar results.
Filling the item "Professional skills", don't get too wasted and make a long enumeration of all the possible and the impossible skills you possess. Focus on the essential, namely on those skills necessary for specific jobs for which you are applying. Excessive diversity of the applicant might give the employer the idea that your knowledge is superficial or you have a cunning trick, trying to make a better impression.
The ability to negotiate, excellent computer skills and a foreign language (or several), the ability to resolve conflicts or excellent knowledge of the market is an example of the description of your professional skills.
Email summary three or four sentences that give a description of major points of your work experience, for example: Five years of work as Deputy chief accountant in the trade industry. Eight years of experience as chief accountant in the food industry. Excellent knowledge of the program 1C:Accounting.
Do not overly focus on the employer your personal qualities, using formulaic words that are full almost every CV and only cause irritation, "responsibility", "dedication", "diligence", etc.
Opinion about your personal qualities should consist of your professional skills and achievements.