Reduce accounts payable debt in several ways. Negotiate with your creditors with the goal of reaching a specific agreement with them (for example, discuss the postponement of payments).
Define the property which you will be able to implement to repay the debt.
Use every opportunity to attract new investors.
Create a system of reserves on doubtful debts. In this case, at the conclusion of contracts the company anticipates timely receipt of required payments. This system will allow you to form sources to cover losses, and also to have the most realistic characteristics of private financial condition of the company.
Develop a proactive system for collection of payments. This section of work with the debtors involves the following processes: perform the necessary procedures of interaction with their debtors in case of violation of the terms of debt payment, identify and enter the appropriate system of penalties for unscrupulous contractors.
Increase the size of the authorized capital by additional contributions of participants of the company or of deposits of third parties. To do this, create a special Protocol to increase the share capital (it must be determined the total cost of all additional deposits).
Replace the debtor in the obligation (translate the debt). The legislation provides for the possibility to transfer the debt to another person. In this case the entity that is the original debtor, out of a present obligation, and it takes place on any new debt. Generally, a new debtor , the debt is transferred in full.
At the same time for completing the transfer of debt requires that a creditor has consented in writing. This is done by signing of the agreement confirming the transfer of the debt.