The easiest and cheapest method is the use of dry mixes. Traditionally, the slope can be made of conventional plaster. But this kind of decoration, you must first prepare the wall for application of material. If there are large cracks, you need to put on the wall layer solution, applying the special mixture. So for the best effect white slope, use a water-based mixture under plaster. To perform these works requires special tools. The escarpment, made from plaster mixtures, suitable for the external face of the window.
The slope of the plastic panel is much simpler. From a large panel the size of your slope-cut pieces for three sides of the window. Panel with special plastic strips attached to the window. Sidebar relative to the window set at an angle of 90-110 degrees. Each panel is attached to the wall, and the gap between the window and the old ditch is filled with foam. This gives additional insulation of the window. After the drying of the foam is necessary to remove the dried remains. The gap between the wall and the panel closed specially carved F-shaped rail, which must be tightly connected to the wall.
Slopes of plasterboard are similarly plastic. There are two mode of installation: prepared the panels can be installed directly on an existing profile, or glued to glue. Here the insulation is insulated with mineral wool. The plasterboard panel after Assembly must be primed with the subsequent painting. The angle was perfectly smooth, drywall angle glued to the putty paint steel area.Drywall is very sensitive to moisture, so when choosing you must consider the humidity of the room.