You will need
  • - the pelvis;
  • - foam;
  • - the supernatant water;
  • - liquid synthetic detergent;
  • - cotton fabric;
  • - a wide brush;
  • Bank;
  • - a new paper envelope, or plain package.
Take the pelvis that is superior in size to your plate. Put on the bottom piece of foam and pour approximately three liters of the supernatant in a couple of days of water. Fill the basin with liquid detergent type "AOS" or "Weasel." Carefully dissolve it in water.
Take a disc by its edges and dip in a bowl of detergent. Turn it several times until all sides and each track she's not stuchitsja water. Inside the paths are usually clogged by much dust, and cleaning will push all the dirt to the surface, which will greatly facilitate the cleaning process. Allow to soak your shellac on for 15-20 minutes.
Then remove the plate from the basin, gently taking her by one hand over the edge in the center. Now starts the cleaning process, which take in the other hand prepared a wide brush with soft bristles. Soak it in a solution with detergent.
Sweep the brush along all tracks of the plate several times in two directions. If the brush is not going smoothly on the surface, and sometimes "stumbles", dip it again in detergent and thoroughly rinsing there's, again, return to those areas. Walk across the plate on both sides.
Again, rinse the record in the basin with detergent and repeat the above procedure. After you grasp the edges and under the powerful jet of water at 25 degrees rinse the remaining detergent from the surface. As soon as I cease to form a small bubbles, and the disc will begin to Shine and reflect, remove it from the water.
Take a simple soft cotton cloth, dampen it with clean water and squeeze well. Carefully wipe the surface of vinyl records along all the grooves and in the center of the label. Your record is clean, it remains only to dry.
To do this, put it on some wide enough can label. Later flip to the other side. Dry the shellac away from the heating battery systems and fans for approximately one hour, and then invest in in advance prepared a new paper envelope or an ordinary package for better safety.