You will need
  • -battery or AA battery;
  • -holder with contacts for the battery;
  • -magnet;
  • -1 meter of wire with enamel insulation (the diameter 0,8-1 mm);
  • -0,3 meters of bare wire (diameter 0.8-1 mm).
The Assembly of the motor start from winding the coil. Take the wire with enamel insulation. You will get a smooth winding if you use a winder suitable base, for example, a battery. Leave 5cm free at each end of the wire and wind about 15-20 turns on the base. Do not try to wrap very tightly.
Carefully remove the coil from the frame, do not damage the form. The free ends of the wires wrap around received coils. Leave about 1cm of wire for installation of the coil holders. Make sure that the coils, which are obtained by winding the ends of the wire were exactly opposite each other. To ensure that the current could pass freely from the holder on the spool and the motor worked fine, remove the insulation at the ends of the wire coil. With a sharp knife remove the upper part of the insulation so that the lower half of the end of the wire remained in isolation. Be careful! Non-insulated edges of the wire should be at the top of both ends of the coil.
Holders for coil manufacture of non-insulated wire. This turns of wire supporting coil. Take the 15cm wire, just wrap a piece of wire around a small nail, for example.
As the motor base, use a battery holder. It is quite heavy, so the engine does not vibrate during operation.
Collect all the engine parts together. The holders for the coil attach to the battery or the AA battery. Insert the battery into the holder. Coil install the holders. Now put the battery on the magnet and push the coil. Motor earned.
To stop running the motor, just disconnect the chain. For example, remove the spool holders.