Bring to the store camera. The seller, estimating the model, will offer a variety of protective cases to choose from. Decide on the color and quality of the material. You need to buy construction, which will protect equipment from dirt, drops and impact damage. The material should be waterproof, light, equipped with noiseless zippers.
Open the case and inspect it from the inside. Perhaps the manufacturer has equipped the design of extra pockets, in which you can add batteries, charger, etc.
Choose for expensive SLR cameras with interchangeable lens covers in the form of handbags that can be worn on the shoulder or waist. Alternatively, you can buy a bag-holster, in which, besides the division for the camera, there are many small offices for different things. Later, when you have multiple lenses, exchangeable lenses and memory cards, you will need to purchase a larger bag.
Buy photo backpack, if you like long walks or plan a long trip. Such models due to the uniform load on the shoulders, will be able to provide comfort from prolonged wearing. If you bought the tripod, you need to buy for a mount.
Consider the big bags case, which is used during long journeys - it can be put in the Luggage, this case will protect the camera from damage during shaking and transportation.
Can buy models in the form of a belt and a pair of straps. Such structures have fastening for separate cases for lenses, flash, camera and various details. A suitable solution to the lovers of reportage photography.
Let's see how close locks, open pockets, check the fastening of the belt. Well, if the clasp is made of metal, lining the belt should be made of non-slip materials.
Pay attention to the design of the case - the producers pay great attention to the functionality of the models, forgetting about the design. Possibly consider a few options. Many cameras in the kit have covers that can protect them from scratches and minor damages, however, during transport it is better to purchase a model with a higher degree of protection.