Advice 1: How to draw eyes in shadows

The arrows on the eyes and are still a fashionable trend. Even the ancient Egyptians eyeliner with natural dyes, and today for convenience fashionistas have pencils, liquid eye liners. But what if the sponge is not all this? Then you can use regular shadows for eyelids.
How to draw eyes in shadows
Of course, the usual shadow beats with pencils and eyeliners. They have a completely different structure and less intense color, but to do an imitation of the arrows on the eyes is possible. Since shadows tend to slide the skin before makeup is undesirable to use the cream. Best on the eyelids apply a thin layer of powder – so the shade will last longer.
If you have the shadow of a pencil, difficulties with drawing hands you will not have. Such shadows can be used as an ordinary pencil eyeliner. If you have shade in the palette or loose, you will have to adjust. Using the tip of the applicator to gently apply the shadow with a thin line along the lash. The line was brighter, the need to re-apply shadows on the lid or originally to choose a dark color: black and dark brown are the winning.
There are several ways eyeliner. Using shadows to emphasize the lash line. With this method visually look taller. If you have close-set eyes, the better to emphasize the upper line only 1/3, starting at outer corner. It is possible to fail, and the bottom line, too, by 1/3. This type of liner extends the distance between the eyes.
To increase eyes fit full stroke upper line and 1/3 from the bottom, starting at outer corner. This type of liner is suitable for almost any type of eye.
For narrow eyes fit full stroke: above and below. In this case it is better to use a bright shade – it will give greater effect. At full stroke, it is desirable to focus on the upper eyelid and make it a little darker.
Also, don't forget to use the shadows for its intended purpose. Apply them on the entire eyelid starting from the outer corner to the inner. Make the inner corner lighter then your eyes will appear larger and more expressive.
Look beautiful, with minimal makeup, quite real. Just need to know your strengths and emphasize them.

Advice 2: How to make eyeliner

Many women love to draw eyes and this is not surprising. Because eyeliner can help to slightly change the shape of the eye, and visually enlarge. But not everyone is beautiful. In order to properly draw eyes, you just need to remember a few nuances.
How to make eyeliner
You will need
  • To do this you need: Foundation makeup, face powder, eye shadow, liquid eyeliner.
Before you draw eyes, you need to apply the rest of makeup. After applying eye shadow you can move on to the eyeliner. Start drawing the arrow better with the upper eyelid and to the inner corner. Then you need to move along the lash line. If you want to make the look more expressive, do a little thicker line in the outer part of the eye. Lead the line better in the direction of the eyebrows.
Another very important caveat: the line spend confident movement. It is also possible with one hand slightly raise an eyebrow to smooth the surface of the century.
Experiment with colors. So black eyeliner , apply on the lower eyelid, then on the top is bright enough, for example blue, green. Still possible from the inner corner of the eye to the middle to let light eyeliner, and the rest of the eye is darker.
In the process of applying eyeliner, especially beginners, errors are inevitable. But they quickly remedied. To do this, apply the stick for cleaning ears a little moisturizer and gently remove the excess.
Useful advice
To eyeliner stayed on your eyes for long enough, don't need to use before applying makeup eye cream;

A great addition eyeliner can be natural shades of eye shadows;

To facilitate drawing arrows, you can first make a sketch with a pencil.
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