Before you go to the nearest electronics store for a new speaker, you should find out why you need these speakers. Depending on your goals change and types, and price ranges of acoustic systems. Options can be very different, but will look at three main.
You need speakers to the computer. You are passionate gamer and not a connoisseur of deep sound. All that is required of kolonok – sound process of working with a PC (to listen to an audio file, watch a funny movie, chat with friends on Skype).With all of these goals perfectly capable of doing the most ordinary and inexpensive speakers for your computer. When choosing such systems look mostly on affordable and acceptable appearance. Remember that even the cheapest speakers will sound better than built-in computer monitor or laptop.
The second option – you select the speaker system for home theater or do such of your computer. In this case one should choose the speakers from the subwoofer (low frequency column) and multiple satellites (mid and high frequencies).For enthusiastic players who wish to dive into the game world, you can come speaker system 2.1 (2 satellite and 1 subwoofer). If you want to get the full immersive and surround sound you need a 5.1 system (at least 7.1). In this case, four satellites are placed at the corners, one in the front and a subwoofer as desired.Quality audio systems, 2.1 and 5.1 do not only depend on the capacity of the speakers, but from the size and material. The subwoofer, at least, should not be small and should be much more satellites. It is desirable that the satellites had two speakers under the hull, for medium and high frequencies. The best sounding speakers are made of wood. The case must be durable. Remember that the system 2.1 is not worth less than a thousand rubles, and 5.1 - four thousand.
The third option – speakers for music lovers. In this case it is better to select 2 stereospeakerscombines all the frequency bands. Quality speakers for music lovers usually not less than 25-30 cm in height. Same rules: the preferred material – wood, sturdy, and stable housing. The price of two thousand rubles.