You will need
  • For the classic Margarita:
  • - tequila;
  • - lime juice or lemon;
  • orange liqueur Cointreau or Triple Sec.
A well-prepared Margarita depends entirely on the quality of its ingredients. If you decide to cook at home, always use the best tequila you can find in stores. For classic cocktail recipe Margarita will also need lime juice and orange liqueur Cointreau or Triple Sec. In a shaker half filled with ice, pour three parts of lime juice with seven parts tequila, four parts orange liqueur. Whisk all the ingredients for a few seconds. Prepare the cocktail glasses, pre-cool them. Pour into prepared them a cocktail and serve immediately. In the hot summer time, you can try a frozen Margarita, which is prepared with a lot of ice with the help of a blender.
Margaritas follows from the special cocktail glasses frosted with salt. For the frosting you need to lubricate a slice of any citrus rim of a glass and dip it in coarse salt. Also the glass can decorate with slice of lime.
To put your arm around the base of the glass. Bring it slowly to my lips and take a small SIP. Hold the liquid on the tongue for a few seconds. Rasprobuete taste, let the liquid warm a little in your mouth before you swallow it. Keep drinking the drink in small SIPS. Also the margaritas you can drink using a straw.