The first and most difficult method for the novice user of the computer to see the memory test which occurs during the boot process of the computer.
You can also use the functionality of the Windows operating system. First, right-click the mouse on the icon "My computer" and choose "Properties". In the opened window, under "Total" indicates the amount of CPU and RAM.
If you have enough time to install additional software, you can install programs Soft Sandra or Everest to help you get the most accurate information about the resources of your computer.
If your computer's operating system is Linux, you can use the – Top. This program is the Manager of all processes that occur in the computer, it is also possible to determine the operational memory.
If your computer is not in working condition, and to know the size of RAM required as soon as possible, you can remove the side wall of the system unit. Next, look closely at the labels or stickers are on the chips of RAM.