Make sure that your ex-spouse not entitled to property in your apartment, that is, it is not framed share. In this case, subterfuge is useless to evict her according to the law will not work. In addition, property purchased in a marriage is considered a joint property. This means that if you are the owner of housing after receiving a stamp in the passport, your wife has the same right to the apartment, and you, therefore, to evict it.
If you have children from the marriage with your ex-wife, then you may be required to provide them with housing, if you want to evict a spouse. By law you can't kick the kids outside, and if they and your ex-wife generally has nowhere to go, the court must retain the right to use your property for a certain period.
If the apartment is not privatized, then evicted from the apartment of the former wife is possible only by court order and only if his behavior disturbs public order and making a life together in the apartment impossible. The fact that when staying in privatized apartment you have equal rights, and in the case of divorce, you become like neighbors, and the right to evict the neighbor, clearly specifying in the law. Present to the court evidence of other persons residing in the entrance and the precinct, and you will likely be able to win the case, if you do not reside a minor.
If you are the owner of the privatized apartment, bought or inherited before the marriage, do not hesitate to contact the court about the loss of your wife's right to housing after a divorce. Will be produced by the procedure of cancelling registration, and then ex-wife can be evicted. All these processes have many subtleties, as a single recipe is difficult to pick up. In any case it is better to settle the matter peacefully and not to appear in court.