Tired of living in the cold and still pay for the services of centralized heating in full scale or spend money on maintenance of the gas boiler and Central heating system and the radiators remain cold? You should, in the first place, to clean batteries, which do not have to hire the services of a professional plumber, while increasing the burden on the family budget.
The only condition is that the risers must be clean, not clogged, otherwise the flushing and purging of iron batteries do not give a positive result. Deciding how to clean a cast-iron battery by yourself, follow these guidelines. First, perform this procedure before the onset of the heating period when no water risers, preferably before the start of the supply of Central heating in apartment buildings, when employees of public utilities have already completed the purging of the risers.
Secondly, tips on how to clean the battery, are directly connected with the type of your radiators and their parts. If your heating devices have separate taps on the output and input, just close them, even if the risers could be the water, and then quietly Unscrew the radiator. Next, the battery needs to be split into sections to clean each of them to do that, you will need some simple tools, which are in the Arsenal of every man, indispensable and wrench.
The next step is quite simple – you just need to drag all the sections of cast-iron battery in the tub, and rinse individually under enough water pressure. Next, you need to dry the heater, then to assemble the radiator, install it at the same place, carefully treating all joints to avoid leakage during the heating season. Then, open the faucets, returning them to their original position so that the radiator was free to do the hot water for district heating.
In a complex case that cast iron radiators cannot be cleaned using the flushing kupima special air pistol designed for self-cleaning not only pipes, but also batteries. Such a device is very easy to use, designed for ordinary people, is intended for quick spot cleaning of radiators , with its help you can remove any obstruction in the sewer and the water.