Hotel forms usually contain multiple items. First name, surname and patronymic. Fill the columns legibly. In the case of claims to the hotel guest card will serve as the main proof of residence.
The following items - passport data. Enter here the number, series and date of issuance of the document proving the identity. In addition to passports is in Russian hotels it can be a driver's license or military ID. Hotel staff in other countries will ask you the passport and voucher on check in if the hotel was booked in advance.
The purpose of the visit - this item is in most of the hotel stationery. Write here why you came to town. It can be tourism, business trip, personal goals, etc. Filling in this field is not necessary for checking-in.
Date of stay. On this line, specify the time period when you will be at the hotel. Remember that check-out time at different institutions your. The day starts with a nine, twelve or three hours of the day, regardless of how much you moved in. Keep this in mind when booking and paying rooms.
The number of meals. Specify here whether you want to pay only for Breakfast, or take lunch and dinner. If you are still undecided, do not fill in this column. You can always come to the restaurant and dine in its sole discretion. You will then be invoiced separately.
Specify the form of payment. To pay for the room in cash, by credit card or traveller's cheques.
Sign on the form. Receptionist needs when you write on it the room number and issuing room key.