You will need
  • - USB device;
  • program CheckUDisk, UsbIDCheck, ChipGenius USBDeview or.
The first thing you need to figure out what the model of your vehicle. Dismantling the shell of the stick, you can find this ID on the chip, but few would engage in such a complex case. Using codes VID and PID recorded in the IC program, you can find the right model. Codes "fetch" from memory each program: CheckUDisk, UsbIDCheck, ChipGenius USBDeview or.
Download any of these programs and enter the VID and PID codes. You can find on the special website Use the base will compare your codes with models of media and will give the necessary information.
Now find the program for the firmware of your controller. There is a special base address Locate specified base program and save in the computer's memory. If the utility requires installation, do it. Read the instructions — they are in use.
Make the necessary operations on USB media. Check the result of running the tab "disk Management" (right-click on the icon My computer — Manage). Format the media. The failure of the firmware flashes may occur for a variety of reasons. It is quite a common fault, and inexperienced users simply throw away the media, instead of trying to fix.
Usually a corrupted USB drives can be repaired even in the most difficult situations, so try to check this device for errors, check the various programs, read the instructions on specialized forums.