You should know that the psychological portrait involves a few constant components, on the basis of which conclusions are drawn. This temperament, character, abilities, direction, intelligence, emotion, willpower, sociability, self-esteem, self-control and the ability to group interaction.
If you have a sufficient degree of awareness and psychological skills and education, then try leaning the main points to analyze his psychological profile.

Make a list of questions for each item, and giving yourself time to think, answer them in writing.
For example, with regard to emotion, answer the following questions: "How am I emotional?", "I tend to restraint or violent display of emotion?", "In what situations I have control, and what is not?" etc. But note that this approach is complex and will require much time and effort as well as analytical abilities. But it is interesting, because nobody knows you better than you yourself.
Refer to methods of socionics and go through a rather extensive and multifaceted test. Socionics is studying the processes of perception and processing of information about the surrounding world and information exchange between individuals. The questions are grouped in such a way that you learn about yourself is not a separate characteristic features, but will see your full psychological way.
Also, in psychology fairly well-known test Leongard, through which you will learn some properties of your character. You need to answer a number of questions with "Yes" or "no", that simplifies the testing process. All the tests you can find via the request online, by entering in the search engine the name "socionics test" and "test Leongard.
If you are not confident in their own abilities or can't find any test, consult a professional. The psychologist can easily make up your psychological profile and avoid the mistakes that you can make, working alone. He will ask you questions on key aspects and give the result. So, in addition to conversation, it is possible that under his control, you will pass a few tests.
With the help of divination by the Tarot, you can make not only your psychological portrait, but a portrait of any person. There is no special alignment, which is similar to the rune Mannaz. The basic meaning of the runes is a human personality and its socialization. If you don't possess the knowledge of divination by Tarot, consult a professional fortune-teller.
Because the psychological profile is a difficult and multifaceted process, go through each of the proposed variants is both separate and with the help of specialists. A man who has the impulse to understand themselves, the work is easier, more interesting and more productive. And you, in turn, will be able to get many options for your psychological portrait from different sources.