You will need
  • computer, Internet, printer, A4 paper, pen, documents on the mortgage loan, the documents on housing, the help 3-pit of employment, passport, INN.
Imagine the tax authority documents confirming the right of ownership of housing. If a house is purchased in a newly built house, consider a contract to purchase housing and the act of reception-transmission of housing in the property of a citizen.
Imagine the tax on a loan agreement on mortgage of housing.
Imagine payment documents on payment of the mortgage loan. This is receipts, Bank statements about transfer of funds for the mortgage loan to the seller of habitation and other payment documents.
Complete the Declaration 3-NDFL for property deduction. Populate it with your passport details, taxpayer identification number, your surname, name and patronymic.
Write a statement about giving you an interest deduction.
Modify the Declaration of information about your income, using data from the reference 3-pit with your workplace.
In the "Deductions" of the Declaration, click a property tax deduction. In the window that appears, select the check box to grant the property tax deduction. Fill in the details and purchase housing. Specify the object name, owner, sign of the taxpayer, the location of housing, the date of the act of reception-transmission of housing in property, an interest therein, the date of transfer of ownership of housing to this citizen the following statements about the distribution of property deduction.
Make the sums expended for the purchase or construction of housing. Enter amounts spent to repay a mortgage loan. Calculate the interest on a mortgage loan during the reporting tax period. Enter the amount of deductions for previous years, amounts transferred from the previous year. Specify a deduction from the tax agent (of the enterprise in which you work) in the reporting year and previous years.
Print the completed Declaration and attach the necessary documents, bring it to the tax office. After three months you will transfer to the account the amount of the deductionand interest mortgage.