Shut down the operating system on the laptop and wait for it to turn off.
Unplug the power supply. If necessary, power off and then disconnect all peripheral devices.
Remove the laptop battery as described in the manual. Usually, one uses special latches.
Find out from the manual exactly where the car memory modules. They can be either under the keyboard or under a cover on the bottom. Some machines of the modules located under the keyboard and another under the hood.
To remove the keyboard, close the computer (making sure that between the keyboard and screen there are no objects that could crush the last one!), then remove the lid hinges. Then open it, remove the false panels located above the indicators, and gently pry up the keyboard over the top. Trail beneath you, do not turn off. Do not move the computer with one keyboard, not to tear off the plume. Do not close the laptop until the node is disassembled.
The cover located on the back side, remove by unscrewing one or two screws standard screwdriver. Do this only when the assembled keyboard node and a closed laptop. If you want to change the RAM modules under the cover and under the keyboard, you first collect the car after the previous procedure.
To remove the memory module by gently pulling in different directions for located at the sides of the metal latch. One of its sides pop up and you can easily remove it. Remember or sketch, as it was installed.
Take the module with you to the store or to the market to buy a second (subject to availability of slots), or to exchange it with a surcharge to another having a larger volume.
To install the module, insert it with the contacts in the recess of the slot, given the location of the key, and then press the opposite side until it clicks.
Assemble the laptop in reverse order, connect the peripherals and power supply. Check his works. Using the program Memtest86+ to verify that the memory actually increased, and the new module does not contain the failed cells.